Serving the entire project lifecycle

At H2 Contracting, we're in this business because we love the challenges of building.  Over the years, we've been engaged in a number of capacities, from consulting on site selection, providing feasibility studies, managing development approvals, budgeting, design, building, and maintenance.

No matter what stage your project may be in, or what role you're looking to fill, H2's team has done it before.  Our broad experience in the design and construction of everything from amusement rides to tiger exhibits to large scale renewable energy projects has proven time and again that a focused and detailed approach can yield success with even the most complex of projects.



H2 Contracting's approach to pre-construction stands out as unique in the market.  Our objective is to align ourselves with our Client for a successful development and building project, from inception into occupancy.  We achieve this by identifying our clients key metrics, needs, and wants, and developing a program to meet them.

The pre-construction phase is where an informed contractor can make the biggest difference for an Owner, by informing design concepts to maintain budget, while also monitoring constructability.  H2 has helped a variety of clients through the entire development process on everything from solar farms to university dorms.


Owner's Representation

H2 Contracting's founding was borne of an opportunity to serve as an Owner's Representative on a large rooftop solar project.  At the time, solar was a relatively new and rapidly developing technology.  H2's founder, Mark Heenan invested everything he had to learn the market, and assemble a team of architects, engineers, and contractors that ultimately delivered the type of quality project that his clients were hoping for.

Construction Management

For those seeking a Construction Manager to represent their interests in the coordination of design professionals, government approvals, and contractors, H2 Contracting has a record of success through our Collaborative Leadership Approach.

Unlike construction project processes of the past, we've developed techniques to maintain the IP in a project from conception; allowing us and our clients to focus on refining, rather than redefining, objectives and expectations throughout.

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Design-Build / EPC

Through generations of quality construction services, H2 has developed and maintains great relationships with a number of architects and engineers.

This enables us to provide design/build services with design professionals we know well and have had repeated success with in the past.  Whether it be a standard "big box" project, or something as complex as a new aquarium exhibit, it won't be the first time for H2 and their team.

General Contracting

The ability to build, and produce a tangible result, is the heart of why H2 is in business.  If you're looking for a general contractor to compete for your next project by virtue of how they complete your first project, turn to H2.

No contractor invests as much time, energy, and passion into delivering quality construction.  It's our mantra: WE BUILD IT LIKE IT'S OUR OWN.

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